1day trip to Osaka 


Sky Building – Shinsekai


tour guide | Osaka Station

Osaka Station

Osaka Station is representative station in Osaka. There are many train line such as JR Osaka Loop line, JR Yamatoji line, JR Hanwa line, JR Kansai Air Port line, JR Kobe line, JR Kyoto line, etc. Also you can transfer to the subway line. Let's meet here.

Umeda Skybuilding

40 floors above ground, Basement 2 Floor, Height 173 m, Osaka's landmark tower.

It consists of 2 buildings: Tower East (East Building) and Tower West (West Building), and you can see the scenery of Osaka from the circular aerial garden observatory.

tour guide | Umeda Skybuilding
tour guide | Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle

A symbol of Osaka, which has been handed down through the dramas in history to the present day. Osaka Castle has been popular with both domestic and overseas tourists as a historic site which has been handed down through the above-mentioned historical dramas to today. You can go up to the castle tower.

Osaka Museum of History

From the 10th floor to the 7th floor is the exhibition space and 

you can see important cultural properties and learn the history of Osaka.

tour guide | Osaka Museum of History
tour guide | Shitennouji-Temple


The oldest officially administered temple in Japan, Shitennoji was built by Prince Shotoku (574-622 A.D.), the great cultural hero of early Japanese history who at the age of sixteen successfully triumphed over the opposition and brought about the adoption of Buddhism in the country. 
Shitennoji is the favorite shrine of many Japanese people and is fondly regarded as the Buddhist altar of Osaka.


Tsutenkaku is a new structure, rebuilt after World War II. The original Tsutenkaku was built in 1912, and it shocked the people of that era; with a height of 64 meters, it was the tallest structure in the Orient. Eventually the Tsutenkaku, which reminded local residents of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, became the symbol of Osaka.

tour guide | Tsutennkaku
tour guide | Shinsekai


To the west of Tennoji Park is Shin-Sekai, one of Osaka's most interesting neighborhoods. This area has remained largely untouched over the years. At the beginning of the 20th Century the area flourished, and pulsed with amusement attractions and restaurants that drew enormous crowds.

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